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Connect Kids Summer 2023

This summer our whole church will be digging into the book of 1 John. This 14 week series will help us all learn how to read, interpret and apply the Bible to our lives, as well as unpack what does it mean to be a Christian. 

We encourage your family to re-watch the kids videos during the week and answer the discussion questions. If you're away one Sunday - you can still watch the teaching online and answer the questions together as a family!

Note: 1 John is a harder book for children to study because it is not narrative, but teaching. However, the same Holy Spirit who helps us adults understand the Bible, wants to help our children understand it too! 

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Family Soccer


Discipleship needs to happen every day. - not just Sundays (but you know that!). 

We encourage you to be a disciple yourself! If you need Bible reading resources or help getting started talk to Pastor Jani or Amy and consider joining a small group (men are on Wednesdays, women are on Thursdays). 

Here is a website packed with thinking and resources about Christian parenting.


Here are some resources for our Connect Kid Volunteers

3 Tips for leading 

children at church

Classroom Management

and dealing with

difficult behaviour

Growing Children 

in the Word

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